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Welcome back to another exciting semester
by 관 리자 - Sunday, 16 March 2014, 03:48 PM

Welcome back all returning students! I hope we can have a very exciting and fruitful semester together.

Picture of 관 리자
Extension of Deadline for Graduate Class
by 관 리자 - Friday, 13 December 2013, 05:48 PM
The newly extended deadline for class project submittal is 5 pm, December 16.
Picture of 관 리자
Grading policies
by 관 리자 - Friday, 13 December 2013, 05:46 PM
For public transportation, curved evaluation has been used.
For railroad systems engineering, absolute evaluation has been used.
Grades for these two classes are available as of 5 pm, December 13.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Available Courses

  • Why we need planning?, what is transportation planning especially? What is the desirable planning process, and what kind of methodologies are involved? These are the main questions we are trying to answer in the class.
    Public decision making in the field of transportation requires detailed understanding of value system of people being influenced by the decision making. Scientific analysis tools are only part of toolkits being utilized, but require clear and strict treatment just to initiate unbiased trade-off among all the stake holders.
    Transportation planning in the context of general public decision making process will be emphasized. Generation of alternatives, evaluation of them leading to the selection of the best alternative in the context of the comprehensive planning philosophy is very important subject in the class.
    Cultivation of personal value system on the transportation planning issues is also very important class objective.
  • Engineering students are required to cultivate problem solving capability in various areas. Most of the problem solving efforts will involve computers and numerical analysis procedures. This class is to provide students foundation of numerical analysis and some of the fundamental problem solving approaches for common engineering problems.
    Error analysis, root of equation, solution of systems of linear equations, interpolation, integration and differential equations are major subject areas. Theories, basic programming capabilities, calculator usage, and how to handle production-level commercial routine will be involved for these subject areas.
    Matlab will be mainly utilized, but some other tools as required will also be utilized in the class. Lab will offered with Matlab, but students are also required to be able to handle all subject areas and problems with hand-held calculators. A calculator with programming capability is recommended.
  • One of the most important activity in transportation planning is to decide whether and how to add transport capacity. Most direct way of adding capacity is building transport links, whether they may be highways or railroad. Based on the knowledge in decision making process from the transportation planning class, taken in sophomore year, this class concentrates on the process of decision making for providing infrastructure capacity by private sector.
    Private sector participation in the infrastructure provision is relatively new compared to the traditional government-led provision, but there is strong interest in this area since all the government in the world is looking this as a promising alternative.
    Private decision involves new perspective in analyzing the project in terms of profitable investment, and requires new skill sets. Students are introduced to this relatively new approach in infrastructure investment and framework of analysis leading to an investment decision.
    Private decision making usually involves more detailed analysis compared to the public sector decision partly because there are many parties involved. Therefore studying private decision making should be a very good tool understanding all aspects of infrastructure investment decision making.
    Subjects involved are diverse. Procedure, analysis, financing, and risk management are part of many important subjects. Based on the many books dealing with these subjects, students are introduced to the wonderful world of private provision of infrastructure

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  • 16 Mar, 15:48
    관 리자
    Welcome back to another exciting semester more...
  • 13 Dec, 17:48
    관 리자
    Extension of Deadline for Graduate Class more...
  • 13 Dec, 17:46
    관 리자
    Grading policies more...
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